A Mother’s “Intuition”

What an interesting day of all days!! Today at the animal shelter, we had this couple who were “entertaining” the idea and notion of adopting a cat. They did have a list of all their “cat requirement” when it came to adopting a cat. The first major one was no kittens, the second one was an indoor cat only, and a cat that is very calm. What I found interesting is that his wife did not want a black cat, although it wasn’t her decision, it was what her husband had wanted. I did notice that he was a “special needs” kind of guy so I let him move at his own speed and to treat him like a regular guy. But his wife was driving myself and Susan absolutely crazy! She kept on asking him, “Is this the one you want?” or she would continually ask him, “What about this one? Did you want this one instead?” I wanted to tell her to please step away and let him make up his own mind on his own time. But I relented and just smiled and to keep all of my thoughts to myself.

During the last 20-30 minutes of their visit, I was sitting in the kitten socialization room with Obie on my lap, and I began to feel very protective of him. My mother instincts kicked in high gear and I just didn’t feel safe with them around Obie, especially his wife. While he is a tuxedo cat, he’s got more black fur than the white fur. The husband was very gentle and sweet with Obie, but I was very worried and concerned if they did adopt Obie, his living new living situation wasn’t safe for him. The couple was also looking at two other cats, so I was secretly wishing and hoping that they would choose a different cat to adopt.

I did advise them to take their time deciding on which cat would a better fit and not to rush into it too quickly, because I didn’t want them to go home and think that they’ve made a mistake with choosing the cat. Luckily for both myself and Susan, they left still thinking it over. We always have to watch out for those kind of people, they definitely mean well, but when one person is more pushy and bossy than the other one, it’s not going to be easy for them to decide on one specific cat.

On a high note, I had found out that Little Sister did indeed have a successful litter, she has roughly I think 3-4 kittens. And the best part when I saw them, Little Sister wasn’t that far away from them, and she began to talk and chirp, and not once did she hiss or growl at me. And when I gave her some cat treats, it was so amazing, she took them directly from my fingers, and did so gently. I couldn’t believe my own eyes, we have definitely come a long way together!

And then today, when Little Sister came into my backyard to greet me, she allowed me to pick her up from the front part of of her body with her purring the entire time, and then she let me pick her up toward the lower end of her body, with her still purring. I still can’t believe it, I never thought that we would ever get to this day. So tomorrow before I go over to the Animal Shelter, I would like to get Little Sister and her litter into my carrier and take them over with me. I’m really hoping I’ll be able to do this successfully without getting hurt! I can’t wait!!

“Don’t even think about asking me to move!-Obie


Giving him love & kisses


He’s such a love bug!




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